Luftwaffe airfields in northern france

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Luftwaffe Airfields by Henry L. deZeng IV. Luftwaffe Airfields 1935 1945. by Henry L. deZeng IV. Airfields General Introduction. Germany [1937 borders Austria [1937 borders France. Belgium and Luxembourg. the Netherlands. Denmark. Norway. Finland. Poland. Czechoslovakia. Hungary. Bulgaria.Juvincourt Airfield. Built originally as a grass airfield by the French Air Force before World War II, Juvincourt was expanded to become one of the main German Luftwaffe airfields in France during the German occupation ( ), hosting a wide variety of both fighter and bomber aircraft, including German jet fighters and bombers. luftwaffe airfields in northern france

Jun 06, 2011 General: airfield 6. 2 km W of city in N Norway. History, Dimensions and Runways: built by the Luftwaffe between fall 1940 and spring 1941 and eventually measured approximately 1, 372 x 1, 189 meters (1, 500 x 1, 300 yards). Improvements were continuous and by fall 1943 it had a 1, 350 x 90 meter runway and another measuring 1, 200 x 90 meters.

Disbanded Luftwaffe in 31 images: captured, abandoned and wrecked German aircrafts By April 1945, the German front in the west had disintegrated and in the east the Red Army had encircled Berlin. Mar 19, 2019 Otherwise, strafing a Luftwaffe airfield in northern France was risky business. Leichte Flakbatterie (KStN L 2201 or 2202) with 12 x 2cm Flak guns. Mittlerer Flakbatterie (KStN L 2401 or 2402) with 9 x 3. 7cm Flak guns.luftwaffe airfields in northern france SCANDINAVIA AND FRANCE. At the beginning of the western offensive, the army possessed 2, 574 tanks. 65 By the armistice, the Germans had lost 753 tanks or nearly 30 percent of their armored forces. 66 Luftwaffe losses of aircraft were on a similar scale (see Tables III, 67 IV, 68 V, 69 and VI 70 ).

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The impressions are a personal selection and not a complete list of airfields to go to in France, but I hope they might inspire a few other British pilots to visit some new places outreManche (across the Channel). This page started off with just my own writeups, luftwaffe airfields in northern france Target Recon Data Occupied Europe Luftwaffe Airfields Abbeville (50 06N and 1 50E France) Abbeville was home to the fourteen Bf 110's of IZG 26 of Luftflotte 2. Later, it was home to the yellownosed squadrons of Goring's finest fighter pilots, known as the Abbeville kidsboys. The rapid advance made by 21st Army Group through northern France from the Normandy beachhead forces the Germans to evacuate airfields which the Luftwaffe had once been able to use in the air war against Britain such as the one seen here at St Pol. Luftwaffe Airfields. General: landing ground in N France 42 km NE of Paris, 19. 5 km SE of Creil airfield, 10 km SE of Senlis and 2. 5 km SW of the village of Baron. History: believed to be a satellite or dispersal field for Creil built in 1944. In use on 6 Jul 44. How can the answer be improved?