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2020-02-26 22:33

The French retirement system. In France, the general rule is that you must retire at age 67 and you can retire from age 62, as long as you have worked 41 (now) then 42 years. According to a 2008law, which was strongly opposed by the Left, you are now permitted to retire later (until ageFrance to lower retirement age to 60 for some. The government says the costs estimated at euro 1. 1 billion (1. 37 billion) next year will be financed by a small rise in payroll charges paid by employers and employees. The government did not release a global cost for the measure. france retirement age 62

National Assembly backs pension reform bill despite weeks of demonstrations, riots and strikes

Retirement Age Men in France remained unchanged at 62 in 2018 from 62 in 2017. Retirement Age Men in France averaged 61. 60 from 2009 until 2018, reaching an all French retirement age change to 62 becomes law. The reform means the minimum retirement age is now 62 instead of 60. Those who want to claim full pension benefits must now wait until age 67 instead of 65. France's opposition said Sarkozy had not taken complaints about the reform seriously. Speaking on Francefrance retirement age 62 The legal retirement age of 62 will not change, France's work minister Muriel Pnicaud told RMC.

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How can the answer be improved? france retirement age 62 French raise retirement age to 62. Read more about sharing. France's retirement age will be raised from 60 to 62 over the next eight years as part of sweeping pension reforms, the government has announced. French labour minister Eric Woerth told reporters that working longer was inevitable , and necessary to balance the public finances. The goal of the proposals is that by 2018, French workers will retire at 62. The government had been considering raising it to 63. By comparison, Germany is planning to raise the retirement age to 67 while Britain and Italy are standardizing the age at 65. Woerth also announced a