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C te d'Or Wine Information. The C te d'Or is located in the very heart of Burgundy, France. The literal translation of C te d'Or is golden slope , but the name is actually an abbreviation for Cote d'Orient, or east slope . This region stretches for a narrow 35 mile band. The C te d'Or has two primary sections.Burgundy Wine Region. The vineyards of the Cte de Beaune are among the five great vineyards of Burgundy. The vineyards of the Cte de Beaune produce prestigious red wines and white wines appreciated worldwide for their elegance and finesse. Its one of the five great vineyards of Burgundy. cote d or wine region france

Wine enthusiasts will also enjoy exploring the vineyards along the Route des Grands Crus such as Beaune and NuitsSaintGeorges. Cote d'Or tourism. The Cote d'Or department occupies the northeastern part of Burgundy, in centraleastern France. The capital of Cote d'Or (and of the Burgundy region) is the impressive town of Dijon.

Cote d'or. The Cted'Or is situated in Burgundy and one of its cities, Dijon, is 310 kilometres southeast of Paris. The region owes its name to the golden colours of the vine leaves which bedeck the hillsides in autumn. On these landS with famous names like la cte de Nuit and la cte de Beaune, some of the greatest Burgundy wines are produced Cte d'Or. This wine is sweet while light, delicate and freshly textured. Like so many mediumdry wines from the Gros Manseng grape, this is A perfumed blend of Colombard, Sauvignon Blanc and Gros Manseng, this balanced Tightly crisp and intense with acidity, thiscote d or wine region france How can the answer be improved?

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Cte d'Or countryside: vineyards and the coomb of Lavaux. The Cte d'Or near Meursault. The Cte d'Or is a limestone escarpment in Burgundy, France that lends its name to the department which was formed around it. It stretches from Dijon in the north to the river Dheune to the south, overlooking the valley of the Sane to the east. cote d or wine region france At Total Wine& More, were passionate about wine, and know many of our customers feel the same way. Browse our Guide to Wine to learn about Cote d'Or Wine and more. Burgundy wines in the Cte dOr. The Cte DOr is divided into two main wine regions, the Cte de Nuits which is the northern most region, starting just south of Dijon and runing to Courgoloin, a few kilometres south of NuitsSaint Georges, and the Cte de Beaune which starts at AlexeCorton and finishes at DezizelesMaranges. Cted'Or is one of the original 83 departments created during the French Revolution on 4 March 1790. It was formed from part of the former province of Burgundy. Cte d'Or Wine. The Cote de Beaune is to the south. Most of its Grands Crus are white. The Cote dOr is an eastfacing escarpment, providing ideal exposure for the vines. Typically, the best wines are found in the middle of the slope. The fertile plain at the hillsides base produces wines that carry a basic Bourgogne appellation.