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violin Francesco Rugeri detto il Per 1675 front Francesco Rugeri detto il Per Museo del Violino. From the collection of Ruggeri, Ruggieri, Ruger, Rugeri and also Rogeri. Ruger is the name that can be read today on the original instruments labels; equally curious is the nickname known as the Per that has been referred by moreViolin, Ruggeri School, labeled FRANCESCO RUGGERI DETTO, IL PER CREMONS 1674, the twopiece back of light irregular curl, the ribs similar, the scroll of francesco ruggeri detto il per

The burial records of the death in 1680 of Francescos father, Vincenzos grandfather, uses the name Gio. Batta. Ruggeri detto il Per. Only one year later, Giovanni, one of Vincenzos brothers, witnessed a marriage. On the certificate, the priest only wrote Giovanni Battista Per.

Violin, labeled FRANCESCO RUGGIERI DETTO, IL PER CREMONA 1673, the twopiece back of medium curl, the ribs similar, the scroll of light narrow curl, the top of fine grain, the varnish of a golden brown color. 355 mm. length of back or 14inches8 inches wide. Francesco Rugeri (Cremona, b. c. 1628; Rugeri, Ruggeri, Ruggieri, Ruggerius, was the first of an important family of luthiers, the Casa Rugeri in Cremona, Italy. His instruments are masterfully constructed. The Rugeri family included the words il Per or detto il Per in their labels. This nickname appears also in almost all of thefrancesco ruggeri detto il per Francesco Ruggieri detto il Per, Cremona, 1673. Francesco Regeri il per Cremona 1694. Other members of the family, respected but of lesser stature than the founder, are: Giacinto Giovanni Battista, son of Francesco active. Vincenzo, son of Francesco active. Antonio, son of

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RUGERI (RUGGIERI), Francesco Born 1620, died 1698 Cremona Italy. Known as Il Per on his labels. Previously assumed to have been a pupil of Amati but archival and stylistic research suggests otherwise. francesco ruggeri detto il per Francesco Ruggieri, noto anche come Rugier, Ruggeri, Ruggerius, Rugeri ricorse ad un atto disperato per fare una vendita. Il risultato della causa in tribunale non nota, ma entrambi i casi potrebbe rivelarsi validi. Comunque, Francesco fu il capostipite di una importante famiglia di liutai che conta: Giovanni Battista Ruggieri Auction result of a Violin by Francesco Ruggeri, Cremona 1675 c, in Brompton's Auctioneers Reference Library. Labelled Francesco Ruger detto il Per in Cremona dell'anno 1676. Certificate. Certificate: J. & A. Beare (London, 2nd July 1965) Dimensions. Length 352 mm. Maker. Francesco Ruggeri. Category.