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South West France (wine region) South West France, or in French SudOuest, is a wine region in France covering several wineproducing areas situated respectively inland from, and south of, the wine region of Bordeaux. These areas, which have a total of 16, 000 hectares (40, 000 acres) of vineyards, consist of several discontinuous wineKnown as Frances Hidden Corner the South West region is tucked away between the Pyrnes Mountains and Spain to the south, Bordeaux to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean on the west. The South West is the 5th largest wine region of France at 120, 000 acres. south west france cities

A travel guide to the south west of France UNESCO Sites There are over 40 UNESCO World Heritage Listed Sites in the Aquitaine, MidiPyrnes and LanguedocRouissillon regions of south west France including the landmarks members of Pilgrimage Routes of Santiago de Compostela , the Vauban Network of Fortifications and the Canal du Midi groups.

If you're in Sarlat, you must try to visit one of the most famous markets in southwest France. The MidiPyrenees. The MidiPyrenees takes in much of Gascony, an area of fortified towns and more top cooking. Toulouse is the capital of the region, regions capital, a city famous for its university, old buildings and the home of aviation in France. Southwest France, the Dordogne, the Pyrnees and the Atlantic Coast. Wine, food, chteaux, vineyards and sunflower fields: the southwest is the essence of rural France, and much more. The historical richness of the southwest begins tens of thousands of years ago, when our palaeolithic ancestors made paintings on the walls of a cave in Lascaux in the Dordogne region and at other caves in the Vzresouth west france cities Southwest France Cities. Anglet (French: [let; Occitan: [alet, Basque: Angelu [aelu) is a French commune in the SoulacsurMer is a commune in the Gironde department in NouvelleAquitaine in southwestern Franc Albi (French pronunciation: [albi; Occitan: Albi [ali) is a

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Main Tourist Cities in the South West of France. Agen. With around inhabitants Agen, the departmental capital of LotetGarronne Aquitaine region is considered the 244 town of France. The city has 33 historic monuments and protected buildings. south west france cities The Atlantic coast of France and its hinterland. South west of the historic city of Bordeaux lie les Landes , the largest continuously forested area in Western Europe; and of course, in the Aquitaine region around Bordeaux lie miles and miles of famous vineyards, producing a wide range of wines that include some of the best How can the answer be improved? The best towns of south west France where to go in NouvelleAquitaine Updated on March 19, 2019 by Terry Lee The towns of south west France in the NouvelleAquitaine region may shy away from the limelight more than other parts of the country.