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EnglandFrance (Hetalia) EnglandFemale France (Hetalia) Lithuania (Hetalia) Poland (Hetalia) Russia (Hetalia) Belarus (Hetalia) Original Characters; France (Hetalia) Female France (Hetalia) England (Hetalia) General Winter (Hetalia) Hungary (Hetalia) Austria (Hetalia) Estonia (Hetalia) Latvia (Hetalia) Czech Republic (Hetalia) AlternateTags. No Archive Warnings Apply; Female EnglandFrance (Hetalia) France (Hetalia) Female England (Hetalia) Fluff and Smut; Summary. France helps relieve the stress of work for England. fem france x england fanfic

Italy manages to anger England at a World Conference. England proceeds to use his occultic habits to the fullest, and curses the little nation. Oh dearGermany's in for quite a shock. Rated T for unmentionables and gender confusion. Fem! involved.

France found cycling to be a relaxing and soothing activity, even if he wasn't able to go cycling as much as he wanted. His bicycle was probably his mos France x Fem! England: France's Misunderstanding France x England: Another kind of World Meeting. As France pulled out his white substance followed, dripping down England's legs. France bent down and playfully cleaned it with his tongue, making England shiver. France helped England up and they both got dressed, England's facefem france x england fanfic England x fem! France. It was now 3 p. m and England was starting to awake. he started to feel bad and dashed to the bathroom smashing the doors behind him, that made France jump and went to go check if he was ok before starting to punch the hell out of him. France modified the clothes she arrived with (I'm reffering him as a her now)

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FollowFav Painting The Roses Red Fem France X England By: Frani, heartbroken and alone on her birthday, longs to be Arthur's one and only. fem france x england fanfic Hetalia: France X England. England lied in his bed just staring up at the ceiling. He thought the cracks in the ceiling fit how his heart felt right now, cracked. He tried to sit up but winced from the feeling of soreness and lied back down. There were purple bruises scattered all over his pale skin and he even had a bandaid over his broken nose.