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The meal you receive on board depends on your travel class, destination, and the time of day. According to these factors, you will receive: breakfast, snack, lunch, or dinner.Travel Guide Travel By Air France; Back; Your journey step by step; Families, children and seniors; we also serve hot and cold drinks (with or without alcohol). a list of food allergens contained in meals is indicated on board by the cabin crew. Please note: if your flight is provided by one of our partner airlines, certain Air France drinks on board air france

Meet Air France's chefs inflight. On board longhaul flights, Air France regularly offers passengers the chance to take part in the chefs on board experience, during which they

Although rare, medical emergencies may occur on board. In most cases, the Air France cabin crew is able to provide first aid to passengers who encounter a health problem. Our cabin crew has specific first aid training and all Air France aircraft are equipped with a first aid kit and automatic defibrillators. Sep 27, 2012 Food on Air France Flights Air Travel Forum. TripAdvisor Forums; in addition to a selfserve sandwich bar. I don't bring food to France! It's like taking a drink into a bar. That being said, I'm a vegetarian, so I order an Asian veggie meal and get yummy Indian food. So no need to bring anything on board unless you havedrinks on board air france KLM long haul similarly welcomes guests no board with a drink, and then they can choose from one of two hot meals. A second meal will also be served on longer flights. Between meals, they are fairly generous with the handing out of snacks, ice creams, sandwiches and hot and cold drinks. Its hard to pick a winner from Air France vs KLM

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On board Air France Air France serves over 200 worldwide destinations via its hub in Paris and has one of the most extensive networks available and within the UK market there is a choice of 9 UK and Ireland departure airports making flying with Air France a convenient option for all travellers alike. drinks on board air france Hot and cold beverages, as well as alcoholic beverages, are available all throughout our flights in every class. Our wine list was created by Paolo Basso, named worlds best sommelier for the year 2013. Air France offer free meals and drinks on all flights, and as you will find out below, you can even upgrade your meal in economy and premium economy class for a fee. Eva Air Hello Kitty Jet Premium Economy Class business class buy on board deals economy Economy Class first class india inflight inflight review ireview news oneworld one Born on March 23, 1966, George Mattson is the permanent representative on Air FranceKLMs Board of Directors of Delta Air Lines Inc. , a corporation formed under the laws of the State of Delaware having its registered office sis Delta Bld, Atlanta, GA USA. Jan 17, 2017 free drinks Economy class Delta, AirFrance, AA Air Travel Forum. I recently flew from Paris to Vancouver with Air France and had complimentary champagne, wine and liqueurs and yes, that was in economy. Reply to: free drinks Economy class Delta, AirFrance, AA. Your message.