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Lebanese singer Aline Lahoud is set to compete in the French edition of the singing contest show The Voice, according to BelleBeiruts french version. Aline Lahoud, who is the daughter of renowned Lebanese singer Salwa alKatrib, was chosen by one of the coaches during the preliminary stages of the contest, according to BelleBeirut French.Jun 07, 2016 Pour son audition l'aveugle, Aline Lahoud a choisi le morceau de Salwa Al Katrib Khedni Maak . Un choix payant puisqu'elle fera se retourner tous les coachs. Elle choisira finalement comme aline lahoud the voice france

Aline Lahoud, qui craignait que personne ne se retourne , bnficiant dj d'une notorit importante au pays du cdre, aura finalement conquis les 4 coachs.

How can the answer be improved? Lebanese singer Aline Lahoud who impressed the judges during her blind audition in the French version of The Voice lost in the battles round. Aline was to face Stacey King from Flaline lahoud the voice france Lebanon: Aline Lahoud auditions for The Voice in France The Lebanese singer Aline Lahoud had an audition for the third season of the talent show The Voice in France

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Aline Lahoud on The Voice France Lebanese singer Aline Lahoud auditioned on The Voice France last night and had all four judges Florent Pagny, Jennifer, Mika (whos of Lebanese origins), and Garou turn around to claim her before she decided to join Florent Pagnys team. aline lahoud the voice france Jan 25, 2014  Aline Lahoud On The Voice France It seems I was the last to know that a Lebanese would be competing again on Frances The Voice, but I daresay the Lebanese candidate this year is probably the best so far with Salwa el Katribs daughter, Aline Lahoud. Aline Lahoud who was selected to represent Lebanon at Eurovision in 2005, is rumored to be taking part in The Voice , France. Aline was supposedly approached to take part in it by a french producer according to the Lebanese news website El Nashrafan. Lebanon: Aline Lahoud auditions for The Voice in France. Aline Lahoud is to take part in a talent show in France, but she is no stranger to the public. She was the artist that the Lebanese broadcaster Tl Liban has chosen to represent the country in its planned debut in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest.