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The Ruin of a Princess MarieThrse of France October 7, 2016 Moniek France, Marie Antoinette, MarieThrse of France, The Royal Women 3 MarieThrse was born at the Palace of Versailles on 19 December 1778 as the daughter of King Louis XVI of France and his wife, Marie Antoinette (Maria Antonia of Austria).MADAME ROYALE, MarieThrse Charlotte de France, duchesse dAngoulme, dite (1778 19 octobre 1851) Couvent de Kostanjevica (Castagnavizza) de Nova Gorica (Slovnie) Tombeau de Madame Royale. Merci Marie Beleyme pour la photo. ACCUEIL ACCUEIL. THEMES: Chercher Chercher. CONTACT CONTACT. marie therese de france madame royale

MarieThrse Charlotte of France was the oldest child of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. During Louis XVIs reign she was known as Madame Royale, a style customarily used for the eldest living unmarried daughter of a reigning French monarch.

Media in category Marie Thrse Charlotte of France, Madame Royale Les Reines de France Marie de Mdicis, Anne d'Autriche, Marie Thrse d'Autriche, Marie Leczinska, Marie Antoinette, Marie Josphine de Savoie et Marie Thrse Charlotte de France. jpg 2, 495 3, 410; 2. 46 MB. Born at Versailles, MarieThrse Charlotte de France, otherwise known as Madame Royale, was the eldest child of Louis XVI and MarieAntoinette. She spent her childhood in the court and was one of the few royal children to survive the French Revolution.marie therese de france madame royale MarieThrse Charlotte de France, surnomme Madame Royale, est la fille ane de Louis XVI et MarieAntoinette. Ne Versailles, elle est la seule des enfants royaux survivre

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MarieTherese Charlotte de France was born on September 18, 1778 in Versailles. The first child of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette, she was given the title Madame Royale. marie therese de france madame royale MarieThrse de France, Madame Royale. like her father, on 2 January in 1667, as a fille de Francedaughter of France MarieThrse carried the lastname of de France. As the oldest daughter of the King, she also carried the honorary title of Madame Royale. She already had lost two girls, Annelisabeth and MarieAnne, in infancy. MarieThrse Charlotte de France [1, surnomme Madame Royale, ne le 19 dcembre 1778 Versailles et morte le 19 octobre 1851 Frohsdorf en Autriche, est le premier enfant de Louis XVI et MarieAntoinette. Marie Thrse of France (2 January 1667 1 March 1672) was the fourth child and third daughter of Louis XIV of France and his wife, Maria Theresa of Spain. As the king's daughter, she was a Fille de France and was known at court by the traditional honorific of Madame Royale because she was the king's eldest surviving daughter.