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Florida Department of Juvenile Justice CINSFINS Quality Assurance Report Office of Program ccountability Page 1 of 9 QUALITY IMPROVEMENT DJJ Bureau of Quality Improvement Rebecca Linn, Prevention Specialist, Office of Prevention and Victim Services Tracy Iverson, Project Manager III, Hillsborough County Government.Florida Network of Youth and Family Services CINSFINS Quality Improvement Report Children s Home Society Safe Harbor Page 5 of 14 Overview Please note that this report refers to each indicator by number and title only. djj florida quality improvement

Performance Measures Goal: To have appropriate and successful programming in the Juvenile Correctional Centers. Commit to recruitment, retention and evaluation of quality staff

The Department's Forms Library stores all official agency forms, some miscellaneous informational documents, as well as provides links to other departments' forms that may be needed by DJJ employees. Many of the forms in this library are associated with official Department policies and procedures. The Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and Compliance Department at Miami Bridge Youth and Family Services, Inc. facilitates a holistic Continuous Qualitydjj florida quality improvement The Bureau of Monitoring and Quality Improvement wishes to thank the following review team members for their participation in this review, and for promoting continuous improvement and accountability in juvenile justice programs and services in Florida:

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Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Office of Program Accountability Effective: July 1, 2018 Monitoring and Quality Improvement Standards Probation and Community Intervention Page 13 employee is hired by the Department or another contracted provider company. Moving from DJJ to djj florida quality improvement Review reports, publications and more produced by the DJJ Bureau of Monitoring and Quality Improvement. Mission Promoting continuous improvement and accountability in DJJ Youth and Veterans Work Together to Craft Urns for Veteran Internments Read the DJJ Resource Guide The South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) is a state cabinet agency, and by law, it is also a treatment and rehabilitative agency for the state's juveniles.