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May 30, 2016 A Sotto il Monte i funerali del Cardinal Loris Capovilla, ex segretario di Papa Giovanni XXIII.Loris Francesco Cardinal Capovilla (born 14 Oct 1915, died 26 May 2016) Prelate Emeritus of Loreto. Consistory 2014: Created Cardinal (NonVoting) Event Place Birth Place: Pontelongo. a priest for 76. 0 years a bishop for 48. 8 years a cardinal for 2. 2 years Principal Consecrator: loris francesco capovilla cardinale

Loris Francesco Capovilla. is an an Italian Roman Catholic prelateand a cardinal. He was interviewed by Carlo Di Cicco at Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII, Italy 3 May 2015. Interview on Youtube playlist. Loris Francesco Capovilla (born 14 October 1915) is an [Italian Roman Catholic prelate and a cardinal.

CAPOVILLA Card. Loris Francesco Cardinal Loris Francesco Capovilla, former prelate of Loreto and pontifical delegate for the Shrine of Loreto (Italy), was born on 14 October, 1915 in Pontelongo in the province of Padua. Cardinal Loris Francesco Capovilla died on May 25, 2016, at the age of one hundred. He was the oldest living cardinal, but more importantly he had served as secretary for Angelo Giuseppe RoncalliPope John XXIIIfrom the latters appointment to the patriarchal see of Venice until his death on June 3, 1963.loris francesco capovilla cardinale Il sesto anno di Papa Francesco, un pontificato basato sul dialogo Il sesto anno di pontificato di Papa Francesco mediaticamente segnato dal rinnovato impegno della Chiesa cattolica nella lotta

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Loris Francesco Capovilla (14 October 1915 26 May 2016) was an Italian Roman Catholic prelate and a cardinal. At his death, he was the oldest Roman Catholic bishop loris francesco capovilla cardinale May 27, 2016  Loris Francesco Capovilla, Pope Johns Aide and Spiritual Son, Dies at 100Loris Francesco Capovilla, Pope Johns Aide and Spiritual Son, Dies at 100. Cardinal Capovilla was a priest when he met Cardinal Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, the future pope, in Venice in 1953. He had served as a military chaplain during World War II and later as a radio broadcaster and journalist for the church. Mar 01, 2014 Il cardinale Angelo Sodano, decano del Sacro collegio, ha imposto la berretta cardinalizia a Loris Francesco Capovilla, storico segretario di Angelo Roncalli, creato cardinale nel Concistoro del Loris Francesco Capovilla (Pontelongo, 14 ottobre 1915 Bergamo, 26 maggio 2016) stato un cardinale e arcivescovo cattolico italiano. Dal 15 aprile 2015 alla morte stato il pi anziano vescovo d' Italia e il quarto nel mondo [1. Cardinal Loris Francesco Capovilla Loris Francesco Capovilla was one of the oldest Roman Catholic bishops, and, since his elevation in February 2014, the oldest member of the College of Cardinals. Capovilla was born October 14, 1915, in Pontelongo and was ordained a priest of the Archdiocese of Venice on May 23, 1940, by Cardinal Piazza, Patriarch of Venice.