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Union Supply Direct, your approved alternative to Access Sercurepak for inmate packages.Welcome to Walkenhorst's For over 25 years, Walkenhorsts has made it possible to send packages to inmates incarcerated in correctional facilities. We offer the best quality products and have the best selection of any prison vendor. inmate clothing packages florida

Access Securepak is the most comprehensive custom package program in the correctional industry. Access Securepak is a program designed to allow family members and friends to send packages to inmates. Access Securepak was developed to eliminate contraband and greatly reduce the time and labor required to process packages.

Jun 04, 2014 Try the Florida DOC Family Package program it was called. I was able to order only one of the packages and I think that was the one, we had the option of a food one, nor the family private package I couldn't order. The Florida Department of Corrections (Department) intends to issue a new solicitation in early 2019 for services previously provided in the Property Package Program. The procurement process to secure a new statewide contract often is a lengthy activity and as is our practice will follow an established timeline.inmate clothing packages florida Since 1991, Union Supply Direct has given family members and friends the opportunity to send packages to inmates across the United States. As one of the largest suppliers of inmate packages

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Ordering has ended for the FL DOC FallWinter 2016 Program inmate clothing packages florida Union Supply Direct, your new alternative to Access Securepak. Florida inmates can now order two packages. Free item with every order. Order today! Union Supply Logo. Your authorization for this session is about to expire You have 10: 61 minutes remaining. Please complete your order. Friends& Family Union Supply Direct provides Family and Friends inmate package programs. Access Securepak Custom Package Program is the correctional industrys most comprehensive, flexible and userfriendly inmate package program. Its designed to meet your facilitys unique technical needs, as well as the needs of inmates family and friends. Union Supply Direct, your exclusive care package provider at Muscogee County Prison. 50 off shipping on all internet orders over 100.