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2020-02-18 18:12

Oct 01, 1941 Vichy or Free France? By Ren Cassin. About the Author: REN CASSIN, French jurist, several times delegate to the League of Nations Assembly, member of General de Gaulle's Council of Defense of the Empire acting by virtue of the Trading with the Enemy Act, restricted trade with France. By that time the French Embassy in London had already\nVichy France, or the Vichy regime was the French government of during the Nazi Germany occupation of World War II, based at and named after the town of Vichy. vichy france free french

see below for The Free French who fought beside us. : The Vichy government was the regime set up in France by Marshal Henri Ptain in July, 1940, subsequent to the FrancoGerman armistice of June 22. Petain was by then 83 years old. He had been due for retirement before WW1. Its effective control extended only to unoccupied France and its colonies.

Vichy France ( French: Rgime de Vichy ) is the common name of the French State (tat franais) headed by Marshal Philippe Ptain during World War II. It represents the unoccupied Free Zone ( zone libre ) in the southern part of metropolitan France and French North Africa. Vichy France, formally French State, French tat Franais, (July 1940September 1944), France under the regime of Marshal Philippe Ptain from the Nazi German defeat of Francevichy france free french French language studies are available at many levels and from various types of institutions. Graduates of one of these programs can expect to gain access to cultures across the world along with several important literary and diplomatic texts. Request Information Courses in French in Vichy in France 2019

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