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Aug 12, 2016 The first phase 1 clinical trial of BIA was conducted in France in January, 2016, and resulted in the death of one enrolled subject and hospitalization of 5 others.Jan 16, 2016 Bial's Clinicial Trial in France Ends In Disaster. What Went Wrong? The investigational drug reportedly is thought by Bial to inhibit the FAAH follow me on Twitter @drjudystone or here at faah trial france

A Clinical Disaster in France By Derek Lowe 15 January, 2016 Details are lacking, but there has apparently been a very bad accident at a clinical trial center in France.

A botched clinical trial in France led last year to the hospitalization of six men including Stephane Schubhan, who suffered from neurological problems. had already dropped FAAH inhibitors The U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday said that after reviewing the safety information of a firstinhuman clinical trial in Rennes, France that resulted in the death of one healthy volunteer and the hospitalization of five others in January, the agency found that the toxicity exhibited in the trial does not extend to other drugs in the class, known as fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH) inhibitors.faah trial france BIA. A clinical trial with this drug was underway in Rennes, France, in January 2016, in which serious adverse events occurred affecting five participants, including the death of one man. The underlying mechanism that caused the acute neurotoxicity of this molecule remains unknown.

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inhibiteursdelaFAAH New report on drug trial disaster in France The nal IGAS report on the clinical trial disaster in Rennes prompts French Health Minister to unveil measures to tighten early trial procedures. Barbara Casassus reports from Paris. A new report on the phase 1 clinical trial of BIA, a fatty acid amide faah trial france A recent report of tragic mishap in Phase I clinical trial of BIA, an FAAH inhibitor came as a major setback to researchers. Portugal's Bial Pharmaceuticals was conducting Phase I clinical trials in France with this FAAH inhibitor. May 18, 2016 Guest Editorial. In January 2016, we were informed of the exceptional occurrence of serious adverse events (SAEs) in a phase I clinical trial conducted by the Biotrial Pharmacology Center (Rennes, France) on behalf of BialPortela& Ca. A day after news broke about a clinical research tragedy in France, An information sheet for prospective trial participants, FAAH breaks down a series of compounds in the body called Jan 20, 2016  While their drug has shown no adverse reactions in Phase 1 studies or ongoing Phase 2 trials to date, Janssen discontinues FAAH inhibitor dosing in two trials