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Cave and technical diver training, online sales and travel to Florida, Russia, Mexico, the Bahaamas and Dominican republic. Learn to Cave Dive Dive Under Ground: The opportunity to become a fully certified cave diver is why most students approach us in the first place.NACD (National Association for Cave Diving)is the world's oldest leading Cave Diving Agency and DAN (Divers Alert Network) the leader in diver safety research. We also instruct CPR and First Aid Training using Emergency First Response and the National Safety Council Programs. cave diver training florida

Join us for cave diver training or guided cave dives in the North Florida Springs and Caves. Cave Diving in Florida. Florida caves systems are considered some of the best caves in the world. Between beauty and clear water conditions it can become challenging to dive in high flow caves, deep water, low visibility areas.

CAVE DIVING TRAINING IN FLORIDA Introductory Cave Diver (OC)Purpose: 1. This Program is designed to provide an introduction to the cave diving environment for Sport Divers. Prerequisites: 1. Must be qualified as an IANTD Overhead Environment Diver or equivalent qualification (NSSCDS, NACD or CDAA Cavern Diver). 2. 475. DPV Pilot Cave Course (24 days). This Program is designed to provide training in the use of Diver Propulsion Vehicles in the Cave environment. Cave Dive Florida is a dealer for SilentSubmersion scooters and if you purchase your scooter from us your cavecave diver training florida Welcome to Chipola Divers! Make us your choice for recreational, sidemount, technical, rebreather, and cave diving training in North Florida. We not only offer instruction, we become your mentors. Chipola Divers is a full service dive center located just minutes from some of the best caves in North Florida at 5010 Fort Rd in Greenwood.

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Scuba Summer Camp, Recreational Scuba Training, and Cave Diver Training Earth Immersion is a Scuba Diving adventure experience which provides scuba diving summer camps for teens, recreational diver and cave diver training in Florida's crystal clear springs. cave diver training florida The complete cave diver training program generally takes at least eight full days and frequently more. In the environments in which we teach, this is simply too much to cover nonstop. The norm is to take at least one break in the middle of training. Jul 20, 2017  Training to become a cave diver. Training to become a certified cave diver is quite rigorous; youll need to work on your trim and buoyancy skills for a start. Most recreational divers swim underwater at about a 45degree angle, but in a cave, youll have to be perfectly flat 180 degrees, parallel to the floor. Advanced Cave Diver. This course is an alternative fourth step in the series of cave diver development training courses. It includes all of the training included in the cave diver course plus it also includes all the content and training of the NSSCDS Stage Diving specialty course and the content and training of the IUCRR First Responder program. Florida is one of the best destinations in the world to learn and to practice cave diving. Weather and water temperature helps the instructor to work with his students, we can find caves for beginners and for experienced cave divers using mixed gas such as Nitrox, Trimix to reach these deep caves.