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You may choose to pay cash on some of Floridas toll roads. However, many of the highways In Florida are no longer offering a cash payment option to motorists. Roads that do not currently accept cash are: the Florida Turnpike from exit 1 to 47, , 924, 878, 876, 874, 821, 618, 91, the homestead extension, as well as some portions of I75 and I92.Apr 06, 2011  They use a different method to have tolls billed to your account the vehicle's license plates are photographed passing through a cashless lane, compared to a database of preregistered vehicles (including many rental cars) and billed to the registered address in this case, the rental car company, which then bills the renter the actual tolls incurred plus an administrative fee, using the toll roads in florida rental car

In Florida, a tourist climbs behind the wheel of a rental car and enters a world of 600 miles of toll roads, more than any other state. As cash toll booths are steadily giving way to cashless, allelectronic tolling, car renters are being hit with service fees of 4 to 15 a day on top of unpaid toll charges.

Colorado, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Washington State, Puerto Rico, and Ontario, Canada Please note: TollPass products may not be available at Alamo locations operated by a Licensee. Please refer to your rental locations' policies andor offerings for toll products to determine availability of TollPass programs. Avis and Budget charge a 2. 95 daily convenience fee for their eToll system, even on days when the renter doesn't drive on a toll road. The fees max out at 14. 75 per rental per month. The driver also pays for tolls they've driven through at the cash toll rate, not the discounted rate normally given subscribers.toll roads in florida rental car Most major rental car companies now offer their customers the option of paying tolls with the creditdebit card used to rent the vehicle. These rental car customers can use Florida's toll roads and not worry about carrying cash or stopping to pay for tolls.

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Heres needtoknow information about Florida toll roads, accessibility, road travel, airports and more. Car rental: To rent a car you must have your driving license, passport and a credit card. The minimum age for car rental is 21, but some agencies will charge more for drivers under 25 years of age. Major companies will allow you to toll roads in florida rental car The Toll Scam. Florida is a state full of tolls and Fox knows this. In fact, in manymost areas tolls are automatic and there are no cash lanes. This means that you are stuck using the rental cars built in transponder. Like other companies (such as Hertz), Fox uses a service called PlatePass. This is a service you purchase for 9 per day. Budget eToll is offered in the Northeast (from Maine to North Carolina), California, Chicago Area, Colorado, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington and Puerto Rico. Important Message for Cashless Toll Roads and eToll service: United States Florida tolls with a rental car. I'm a little confused about how the tolls work in Florida with a rental car. I do know ( )United States Florida tolls with a rental car. How Different Rental Car Companies Handle Tolls. Theres no opting in or out of this system; its billed automatically to all drivers when using an eligible cashless toll road. AvisBudget automatically charge a 3. 95 daily fee, (19. 75 maximum per month) plus tolls at the cash rate.