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2020-02-26 18:57

Voting Deadlines Check back in 2020. Florida Secretary of State Florida Election Information Florida Voter Status and Polling Locations2018 General Elections MiamiDade Voter Guide Compare candidates by their answers Vote your values on Tuesday, November 6th Christian Family Coalition Florida For additional copies, please contact Amendment 13the Christian Family Coalition Florida at (786). christian values voter guide florida

Visit the FL Votes Values Federal and State Voter Guide Page and click on the iVoter Guide link to view the interactive voter guide. Help Spread the Word! Help Personhood FL spread the word about the voter guide by sharing this email with your friends, printing and distributing voter guides in your church and community, sharing our voter guides on Facebook, and by making a generous donation today.

This Christian voter guide covers the U. S. presidential and midterm elections from the Christian perspective. This guide is for Christian voters but nonChristians interested in the Christian perspective on the candidates are also welcome. The 2020 Christian voter guide includes in (For the 2020 congressional election guide, visit God Voter The very BEST 2018 candidate and election information available from United Christians of Florida Christian Voter Guide Candidate Endorsements Sample Ballot Election Recommendations Conservative, Christian, Traditional Family Values principles of most our friends and neighbors. Some portions may not be applicable to your ballotchristian values voter guide florida Clergy Legal Resources. For specific guidelines to ensure voter guides are appropriate for distribution by churches and other nonprofit organizations, please visit the Legal Resource section of our website.

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Voter Guide Resources and Information. voter guides. To order churchfriendly fullcolor educational voter guides to be delivered in hard copy to your church building, click here. Donate online to support the Florida Family Policy Councils efforts to inform and educate voters. christian values voter guide florida Christian Coalition Voter Guides are one of the most powerful tools that profamily conservatives have ever had to educate others on where candidates stand on key issues. But in order to have an impact they must get into the hands of voters. It is critical that values voters elect people who will stand for traditional values at all levels this election cycle, but most importantly at the state and local level. In many ways, our lives are impacted more by what happens at the state and local level than what happens in Washington. Mar 27, 2019  The Election Forum is your guide to impacting the culture, church, and politics so you can be salt and light in your community. Christian Voter Guides. Vote for, not against, your Biblical values with our voter guides. Youll get access to information on where candidates stand on critical issues, so you can vote your conscience. Florida Faith Votes is a user friendly political resource for Florida Christian Voters. This simple, easy to use platform can quickly help you assess the Candidates and select Godly Representation. All Denominations must band together to fight back with our vote and protect Christian Values in the 2020 election. (pew research center) You